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Pass Plus Course with Quality Driving Lessons

Driving is a skill for life. Its not just passing your driving test. Most importantly being confident enough to make decisions at every moment while driving. At Quality Driving Lessons we are approved to do the Pass Plus course.  It helps you to develop your driving skills, knowledge and experience.

The Pass Plus course is a minimum of 6 hours. It can be longer if you and your instructor agree you need the extra training.

Towns are often busy with lots of pedestrians, One way traffic systems and complicated Junctions, and also rush hour traffic to take into consideration…Learn the skills to deal with these and more.

Towns we can provide you with the ability and conditions. Whether it be foggy, raining, snowing, light or dark we will teach you the correct way to drive safe. 


When driving on country roads you will come across a variety of  hazards from farm traffic to potholes, sharp bends.


Whilst driving at night a variety of factors come into play, you will have to learn to deal with dazzling lights, judge your speed and distance, use your lights efficiently and effectively, these are just a few factors that we will teach you.

Driving on multiple-lane roads requires many different skills. It is important that your lane discipline is strict, your observations are sharp and your concentration levels are high.

Motorways are different to other road conditions, we will teach you how to drive on them safely and correctly under expert tuition.


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